Why Hypoallergenic Cats?

Hypoallergenic Cats site is a hub for everyone who loves cats and especially for people who suffer from cat allergies. Whether you are allergic to cats or just want to know more about this topic, we want this site be the one where you can start.

If you would like to know more about hypoallergenic cats, specification of the non-allergenic breeds, the root cause of cat allergy or how to mitigate effects of allergy to cats, this site is for you.

Around 2-15% of the world population is allergic to cats. Majority of people have cat at home or get in touch with one quite often, even indirectly. Studies show this applies to 1/3 of people. Luckily there exist several breeds where people report to have less allergic reactions. We refer those breeds as hypoallergenic cats. Therefore on our site you can learn more about them and especially how to fight with allergies to cats.

Additionally we plan to review products that are labeled as hypoallergenic so you have another source of knowledge to ease your life with cats.

This is why we created Hypoallergenic Cats site. If you are cat lover just like us and suffer from allergies, we want to guide you in this topic so you can have your own beloved cat in home even if you are allergic to it.


What’s unique about Hypoallergenic Cats site?

There exist some resources available online about non-allergenic cats, however all of the websites we have come across were not very user-friendly. Moreover none of them have seemed to have all information in one compact form where you could easily learn all you need to know.

Our goal is to make things as streamlined and as easy as possible for you to follow. That what we consider unique about our site for hypoallergenic cats topic the most.