Annual Cat Costs Introduction

A cat is one of the most favorite pet nowadays. They are usually preferred choice for people who would like to have a pet at home but are out at work all day. Thus the cat is the ideal animal to have for such people due to its independence.

Cats surely demand people’s presence but can also amuse themselves assuming you provide them enough fun stuff, e.g. scratching posts, toys or cat flap allowing them going outside. That’s why some people prefer cats over dogs.

However, before rushing out to buy a cat, you should really think about all possible expenses that may occur in the cat’s lifetime. Therefore we are going to discuss annual cat costs.

While the cost of owning a cat is less than owning a dog, adopting cat requires still a significant financial commitment to this animal. The cost question really matters as it affects the quality of care the animal will receive. No pet should suffer just because of a poor financial planning and lack of commitment of their owner. Because of that, we ask you to plan the purchase of a cat thoroughly. To help you get started and to give you a rough idea about annual cat costs, the following table consists of the most common expenses you may face while owning a cat. Please note the amounts of money in the table represent average prices.

ItemFirst Year CostsAnnual Costs
Grooming Tools$5$100$0$20
Collars, Leashes, Harnesses$5$20$0$0
Cat Bed$20$80$0$0
Litter Box$8$40$0$0
Food & Water Bowl$3$150$0$0
Scratching Post$5$400$5$50
Cat Furniture$0$200$0$0
Window Perches$0$60$0$0
Cat Carrier$20$50$0$0
Hair Removing Tape$5$10$5$10
Stain Removers$5$60$5$10
Spaying / Neutering$50$200$0$0
Vet Visit$20$50$20$50
Fecal Check$20$25$0$0
Flea Preventative$50$150$0$100
Ear/Dental Care$0$50$0$50
Cat Sitting$25$100$25$100

There are many items you may have to pay for. But unfortunately, it can’t be said for sure. There are so many things influencing the total expenses so it’s barely possible to give you one hundred percent accurate estimate. You should always count on price nuances. The totals can be affected by e.g. the place where you live or cat’s health condition. The prices do not take into account cats with special health or behavioral problems. If you have a cat with a chronic illness, your veterinary cost could triple. So besides such extreme cases, the table contains pretty accurate costs.

You may argue there exist many cats around you, living on the streets, which barely needs such high level of care. Well, these are cats leading semi-wild life. They are often infested with parasites and diseases and survive only by hunting. Their life quality is very poor and do not live very long.

You may also think about cutting the annual cat costs on food or other items. We do not recommend you feeding your cat with the cheapest food or providing it cheapest items. Feeding it with the cheapest food, which usually also lacks quality, doesn’t help your cat at all, but rather the opposite. It may lead to cat’s health problem and system imbalance. That may cause your cat to be allergic or similar. And that only increases the total cost in the end.


So to purchase a cat or not? Is the financial cost worth the emotional reward? Well, only you can answer the question. But should you be interested in your answer and opinion – it is definitely worth it. If you want a cat and can guarantee it happy, long life, go for it and purchase one. To best avoid all possible problems, get a purebred cat. Only purchase one that is guaranteed healthy, is well-bred, and whose parents and grandparents are free of any inheritable disease.