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LaPerm Cat Introduction 101

LaPerm Hypoallergenic Cat Brief Introduction The LaPerm cat can be thought of as an accidental cat, genetic mutation of the domestic shorthair breed. LaPerms are different because of their soft curly coat. It is the soft coat that makes them so recognizable. You can have all different types of curls, ranging from tight ringlets to very loose curls. Moreover they are reputed to be hypoallergenic cats. And this accidental kitty floats between two worlds. It is both an active outdoorsman and a stay at home lap cat. First LaPerm cat was born on a cherry farm in Oregon in...

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Cornish Rex Cat Introduction 101

Cornish Rex Cat Brief Description Cornish Rex cat is hypoallergenic, elegant, expressive and more than a little exotic pet. Many people the first time they see the Cornish Rex would think that it looks a little bit like an alien, in a good way. Long and lean, Cornish Rex cats are often called the Greyhound of the cats, because of the sleek appearance and the run style characteristic of the breed. Maybe that’s why fashion designer Michael Kors has two of them. These striking felines look a lot like fashion models or Egyptian statues, but the Cornish Rex doesn’t...

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Colorpoint Shorthair Cat Introduction 101

Colorpoint Shorthair Cat Brief Description Cats can make more than one hundred vocal sounds. That’s ninety more sounds than a dog. And this feline chatterbox the Colorpoint Shorthair is one of the most talkative cats out there. They’ll tell you when they’re hungry, they’ll tell you when they’re upset, they’ll tell you everything. And they’re intelligent, playful and someone might say needy. They are very busy and want to play all the time. This hypoallergenic cat demands your attention and you will be their pet. In the 1940s Siamese breeders wanted to develop a cat that would resemble a...

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Javanese Cat Introduction 101

Javanese Cat Brief Description The Javanese cat has a very elegant look, they are slender and long with a bushy tail. Despite the name the Javanese has no real connection with the Indonesian island of Java. Javanese does not come from Java or even Indonesia. Genetically they are long-haired Oriental breed, therefore the name is derived from the tradition of using names of the islands and countries of south-east Asia for Oriental cat breeds. In the fifties American breeders developed a long-haired Siamese cat, they came to be called the Balinese after the grace and beauty of Balinese dancers....

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Burmese Cat Introduction 101

Burmese Cat Brief Description Breeders and fanciers report that Burmese cats are amusing, playful, and super-smart. The Burmese cat could also be called the chatty kitty of the cat world as they are very talkative. They are associated with being hypoallergenic. Burmese cats can be traced back to southeast Asia. A twelfth century poem from Thailand mentions the Burmese cat for the first time. They were imported into Britain where they were known as the chocolate Siamese. Burmese are closely related to the Siamese. They tend to have a little bit of a stockier body than the Siamese so...

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