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Devon Rex Cat Introduction 101

Devon Rex Cat Brief Description You’re looking at one funky-looking cat. Some say that it even looks sort of like an elf. It has nicknames too – like the puddle cat or the alien cat. It has these huge satellite-like ears and great, big eyes. But its real name is the Devon Rex – a happy attention-seeking cat with pixie tight nature. Because of their behavior such as running around, stealing things and being naughty they are sometimes referenced as cat in a monkey suit. Devon Rex cat was discovered in Devonshire, England in 1959, hence the name Devon....

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Sphynx Cat Introduction 101

Sphynx Cat Brief Description Sphynx cat is a very rare breed, probably most well-known for their hairless gene. At first glance you might think you’ve landed on another planet or arrived at a cat nudist colony when looking at this cat. They kind of feel like warm, suede hot water bottle. Warm because their skin temperature is actually four degrees higher than most other breeds. And it’s the only breed that originated in Canada. Compared to dogs and other domestic pets, this cat is a very recent breed. They were created by mother nature in 1966 from a domestic cat...

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Ocicat Cat Introduction 101

Ocicat Brief Description Is this a wild cat? The Ocicat is not a descendant of ocelot. It`s not a wild cat, it`s a hundred percent domestic. It is really not breed from wildcats, but they sure look like to be more comfortable in jungle than your living room. Ocicats resemble ocelots, an endangered wild cat that ranges from southwestern Texas to Argentina. The Ocicat is the first purely domestic feline breed to resemble a wildcat. The first cat was actually developed by accident in 1964 when a breeder Virginia Daly crossed Siamese cat with the Abyssinian. The idea was...

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Balinese Cat Introduction 101

Balinese Cat Brief Description Balinese are very smart breed and very easy to train. Often thought of as the most intelligent of the long-haired breeds, the Balinese are actually an offshoot of the Siamese. Unlike Siamese however, their name is not indicative of the region the breed hails from. But rather their elegant nature. They were named after the gracefulness of the Balinese dancer. Beware though, these cat’s graceful movements are also accompanied by an insatiable curiosity. That means you got to secure your cabinets and your closets so they can’t be opened because these kitties will get into everything. But one...

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Siamese Cat Introduction 101

Siamese Cat Brief Introduction Siamese cat is the oldest domestic feline. They’re also known as the most vocal housecat. They are amazing cats, they are very smart. They were bred as an aristocratic cat in Thailand, formerly known as Siam. In ancient times the Siamese cat was considered sacred, only Buddhist, monks and the royal family were allowed to have the cat. They also used to believe that when a member of the royal family died, the Siamese cat would receive this person’s soul. After that cat would be moved to the temple to spend it`s life in broad luxury....

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