Balinese Cat Brief Description

Balinese are very smart breed and very easy to train. Often thought of as the most intelligent of the long-haired breeds, the Balinese are actually an offshoot of the Siamese.

Unlike Siamese however, their name is not indicative of the region the breed hails from. But rather their elegant nature. They were named after the gracefulness of the Balinese dancer. Beware though, these cat’s graceful movements are also accompanied by an insatiable curiosity. That means you got to secure your cabinets and your closets so they can’t be opened because these kitties will get into everything.

But one thing this breed couldn’t get was recognition. When it started to appear in Siamese litters in the early 20th century, the long-haired variety was viewed a fault in the bloodlines and was often rejected. That is until the nineteen fifties when Marion Dorsey and Helen Smith took on a great admiration for them. They began propagating them by allowing them to reproduce. That way they developed a line that we know today as the Balinese.

But the Balinese cats still shares many traits with their Siamese ancestors. Most notably are the almond-shaped blue eyes that can often appear cross-eyed due to an inherited condition known as strabismus. You could argue it’s a health issue but it doesn’t really seem to cause to any vision impairment. Its coat is always a colorpoint pattern in which the ears, face mask, feet and tail are darker than the rest of the body. They have a medium-length silky coat. But one characteristic that sets the Balinese breed apart from its Siamese ancestor is its heavily plumed tail. And its beautiful look is accompanied by even friendlier attitude. They like to be around people, they like to follow you from room to room to see what you are doing.

With a life span of up to 21 years the Balinese is an extremely healthy breed with very few health issues. Grooming is a consideration as their long coat is going to shed often. And because of its incredibly curious nature the Balinese cat is not recommended for families who are not willing to train it. It’s very good for advanced cat owner, for someone who understands how to treat the cat and keep a consistent discipline.

So in review the Balinese cats are a very healthy breed. Because of its long coat it’ll require a strong effort in the grooming maintenance. And they’re only recommended for families who are used to cats and dedicated to working with them.

Characteristics Summary

Very few health risks

Constant attention

Less Fel d1 Production

Good for first-time owners

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