Burmese Cat Brief Description

Breeders and fanciers report that Burmese cats are amusing, playful, and super-smart. The Burmese cat could also be called the chatty kitty of the cat world as they are very talkative. They are associated with being hypoallergenic.

Burmese cats can be traced back to southeast Asia. A twelfth century poem from Thailand mentions the Burmese cat for the first time. They were imported into Britain where they were known as the chocolate Siamese. Burmese are closely related to the Siamese. They tend to have a little bit of a stockier body than the Siamese so you get that beautiful coloring with the cat who looks a little bit hardier. The Burmese is considered so beautiful and robust that it became the foundation cat for several new breeds. These include Bombay, Tonkinese and Burmilla.

The short haired, silky coat is the first thing that most folks notice about this elegant cat. Sable is most common, but other cold colors include platinum, blue and even champagne. As it is a medium-sized pet, it is is a compactly built and athletic cat. They are very muscular, you can see the muscles as they are walking. Their eyes are green or gold depending on coat color with very soulful expression. It’s no wonder these cats were a favorite by monks and Kings in ancient temples.

Needless to say the Burmese is also known for its hypoallergenic abilities meaning they produce less allergen that`s mainly responsible for allergies to cats. Therefore should you be allergic to cats, you could possible be able to live along with this lovely breed.

Hypoallergenic Burmese cats are very social cats but they can sometimes be a little clingy. They are extremely people-oriented companions. Their personalities are almost dog-like. They will follow you from room to room in your place and also play fetch with a toy. As it is a short-haired cat, the grooming needs very little effort. And this cat is known to be long-lived and healthy animal. The longest living cat ever recorded has lived for twenty-four years which is incredible result for a cat.

So in general this is a healthy kitty that knows how to live long. Its short haired coat makes it easy to groom. Burmese is ideal for active families that want a highly social cat.

Characteristics Summary

Very healthy

Short haired, minimal grooming

Less Fel d1 Protein Production

Loves its family, but can be clingy