Colorpoint Shorthair Cat Brief Description

Cats can make more than one hundred vocal sounds. That’s ninety more sounds than a dog. And this feline chatterbox the Colorpoint Shorthair is one of the most talkative cats out there. They’ll tell you when they’re hungry, they’ll tell you when they’re upset, they’ll tell you everything. And they’re intelligent, playful and someone might say needy. They are very busy and want to play all the time. This hypoallergenic cat demands your attention and you will be their pet.

In the 1940s Siamese breeders wanted to develop a cat that would resemble a Siamese in every way, but with more point colors. Breeders took Siamese and bred them with Abyssinians and red tabby American Shorthair cats. It took them a while to perfect the color but eventually they created what is now known as the Colorpoint Shorthair. The ColorPoint Shorthair cat can have twenty different color points. Apart from a different color points they’re essentially Siamese by any other name. That brings us to the stunning blue eyes of the Colorpoint Shorthair. Siamese can take all the credit for that trait. Unlike the Siamese they are also very vocal cats. This breed is really outgoing, fun-loving personality.

A unique personality that non-stop chatter and need for human interaction is exactly what got cat behaviorist Ingrid Johnson hooked. “A lot of people find that chatty cats are too needy and too loud but I find it very characteristic appealing. It may be a bit challenging to care for them, but I definitely like them,“ she says.

The hypoallergenic ColorPoint Shorthair breed is a very energetic vocal cat that demands your attention. This can be like having a roommate because they are really that vocal. It can be said that the Colorpoint Shorthair cat is really good for somebody who loves cats but also loves dogs as they love to interact with people and like to play fetch and other games that you would more typically see a dog playing. And so they are great for an active family and also really good with children in general because they’re very tolerant and social.

In regards of health aspect it has a condition called amyloidosis, which is an accumulation of a protein called amyloid, causing liver dysfunction. Further they also have a tendency to develop heart disease so you should want to make sure you get your cat from a good breeder. And like their Siamese cousins Colorpoint Shorthair cat requires a little grooming. They don’t shed so much and they’re very low at dander so they are actually really good for people with allergies. They don’t require a lot of growing. But what they do require is really nutritionally complete diet because one of the prettiest things about them is that coat color and you want to make sure that you keep them in tip top condition so they had a really glossy, beautiful coat.

So in general the hypoallergenic Colorpoint Shorthair cat is prone to amyloidosis and heart disease. Grooming is minimal and they require lots of attention and affection from their owners. It’s great pet for people allergic to cats.

Characteristics Summary

Prone to amyloidosis and heart disease

Low grooming maintenance

Less Fel d1 Protein Production

Demands lot of attention