Cornish Rex Cat Brief Description

Cornish Rex cat is hypoallergenic, elegant, expressive and more than a little exotic pet. Many people the first time they see the Cornish Rex would think that it looks a little bit like an alien, in a good way. Long and lean, Cornish Rex cats are often called the Greyhound of the cats, because of the sleek appearance and the run style characteristic of the breed. Maybe that’s why fashion designer Michael Kors has two of them.

These striking felines look a lot like fashion models or Egyptian statues, but the Cornish Rex doesn’t come from Egypt and it’s not even that old. In fact it was just nineteen fifty, in Cornwall England, when a farmhouse cat had a litter of kittens. One of which was sort of orange and white and curly. That’s when the first Cornish Rex cat was born.

This breed’s hallmark is its curly coat which completely lacks an outer, protective layer, also known as guard hairs. So when you stroke them they’re very soft to the touch. It’s one of the softest cats to stroke. Their light coat means that they are best suited for indoor living in warm and dry conditions, as they are sensitive to low temperatures. Another trait is their naturally arched back. Furthermore they have large oval-shaped eyes and bat-like ears. Thanks to its ears they have awesome hearing ability. Cats have thirty-two muscles that control their outer ears and can turn into direction of sound ten times faster than the best watch dog.

The last but not least very important characteristic is its hypoallergenic ability. This cat has got a hypoallergenic label due its lower production of allergen that is mainly responsible for allergies to cats. Though you may still be allergic to this breed, your chances not to be allergic are much higher than in the case of non-hypoallergenic breeds. You can read our Cause of Allergies to Cats article to understand why.

Despite occasional heart and thyroid problems the hypoallergenic Cornish Rex cat has usually a long life span. Some live into their twenties. You can groom their ultra soft coat with just your hands. Well most cats groom themselves daily and rarely need a bath, there are still some exceptions though. If your cat has fleas or is older and can no reach certain places while grooming, a bath is a good idea. And the Cornish Rex needs them regularly because they don’t have an outer coat to absorb natural oils. You may even have to bath them weekly. As a family pet, this extroverted kitty is playful, sociable and fun-loving. Just make sure you have enough energy to keep up with them. Moreover they are very adventurous, intelligent and also curious. That’s why they like exploring new things, e.g. your cupboards or closed cabinets. Other notable fact is their friendliness towards other animals and children.

So in general the Cornish Rex is a healthy cat with a long life span. They’re easy to groom, but may need more bathing than other cats. In a family, this strictly indoor kitty is affectionate and loving, but can be a high energy demanding pet. If you’re searching for a really unusual looking and hypoallergenic cat, the Cornish Rex may be just the right breed for you.

Characteristics Summary

Long lifespan

More bathing desirable

Less Fel d1 Protein Production

Loving, energy requiring