Devon Rex Cat Brief Description

You’re looking at one funky-looking cat. Some say that it even looks sort of like an elf. It has nicknames too – like the puddle cat or the alien cat. It has these huge satellite-like ears and great, big eyes. But its real name is the Devon Rex – a happy attention-seeking cat with pixie tight nature. Because of their behavior such as running around, stealing things and being naughty they are sometimes referenced as cat in a monkey suit.

Devon Rex cat was discovered in Devonshire, England in 1959, hence the name Devon. The Rex part in the name was based on rabbits called Rex rabbits. Those were the rabbits that had essentially the same sort of curly coat. The Devon Rex gained some fame when it was rescued by Superman from a tree in his first movie.

They are often associated with being one of the most hypoallergenic cats available because of their type of coat. But just like with every hypoallergenic cat do not forget to test yourself first whether you would be able to live with this specific breed as someone says this cat is hypoallergenic whereas someone claims the opposite, e.g. CFA – Cat Fanciers’ Association.

The most prominent feature of the Devon Rex is it soft, wavy, short-hair coat. Surprisingly this hypoallergenic breed doesn’t have guard hair, the longest protective layer of hair on a cat. They feel kind of warm to the touch because you’re right close to the skin and body heat. Their large wide-set eyes are another striking feature. They may seem to be big especially due the fact that their coat is so short so it makes its eyes look even bigger. The final identifying feature of the Devon Rex is its low set, unusually large ears.

Devon Rex are tricky little guys. So be careful if you leave food around the house. The Devon Rex is probably going to snag it. It is this mischievous nature and their desire to interact with humans that makes the Devon Rex a good family cat. It is perfect for a very active homes so if you have a home with children or if you are at home a lot, it’s the perfect cat for you. And though grooming up a Devon Rex is easy, you should be aware of a few things. This hypoallergenic cat has some very short curly whiskers and these hairs are kind of brittle so apparently if you are not very careful while grooming them or bathing them you can snap these hairs right off. And you need to be sure to clean their big ears at least once a week to prevent a buildup of bacteria. Some Devon Rex cats suffer from problems more commonly seen in small dogs, like slipping kneecaps and hip dysplasia. However a healthy Devon Rex cat will live a long life. Devon Rex is a good family pet.

Characteristics Summary

Slipping Kneecaps & Hip Dysplasia

Take care once a week

Less Fel d1 Protein Production

Good Family Companion