LaPerm Hypoallergenic Cat Brief Introduction

The LaPerm cat can be thought of as an accidental cat, genetic mutation of the domestic shorthair breed. LaPerms are different because of their soft curly coat. It is the soft coat that makes them so recognizable. You can have all different types of curls, ranging from tight ringlets to very loose curls. Moreover they are reputed to be hypoallergenic cats. And this accidental kitty floats between two worlds. It is both an active outdoorsman and a stay at home lap cat.

First LaPerm cat was born on a cherry farm in Oregon in 1982. In the very beginning there was a cat born coatless. She was named Curly. Owners were fascinated by the fact that over time she developed a wavy curly coat unique from the other barn cats. Curly went on to have several litters, each with the same curled hair. And that’s when a new breed was born. The cat’s curly hair reminded people women with perms. When naming the breed they gave it an elegant French twist – LaPerm.

There are two sub-categories over this breed – longhair and shorthair. The longhair LaPerm has curly tail whereas the shorthair’s tail is more like “bottle-brush”, it’s not as furry. The shorthair has also more texture to the coat than does the longhaired variety. Range of this breed’s curly and wavy coat is endless, from tight ringlets to long corkscrew curls. Another feature of this cat is its wedge shaped head. Some kitties can be born completely hairless, but most of them have short wavy hair or straight hair at birth. If this happens, they usually start getting the hair back around its fourth month of life.

We must not forget their hypoallergenic ability. This means this cat produces less allergen that is responsible for the allergy. So there are very good chances you will not suffer from allergies to this breed that much. But as with every other hypoallergenic cat do not forget to test yourself first. Either by staying for a while with this animal or by allergy testing with your allergist doctor.

LaPerm is very good with children. They like other pets so it would be a good cat for first-time cat owners. Grooming is easy, you only need to brush the cat once or twice a week. Since the hypoallergenic LaPerm cat comes from the domestic shorthair, it has gene diversity making them less susceptible to disease and genetic disorders. Just like most of the cats they seek human contact and will purr as soon as they become aware of your presence. This cat likes to cuddle and you will be amazed how much this little pet likes you.

So in a nutshell because they’re offshoot of the domestic shorthair they’re very healthy and hardy. Grooming of this specific breed is easy. A brush through once or twice a week is sufficient. It’s is a good family cat and often very affectionate. Despite their mutant gene there are plenty of people who love this breed. Should you suffer from allergies to cats, this hypoallergenic breed may be suitable for you more than regular cats who are not known as non-allergenic cats.

Characteristics Summary

Very healthy

Brush once or twice a week

Less Fel d1 Allergen Production

Affectionate and great with kids and other pets