Ocicat Brief Description

Is this a wild cat? The Ocicat is not a descendant of ocelot. It`s not a wild cat, it`s a hundred percent domestic. It is really not breed from wildcats, but they sure look like to be more comfortable in jungle than your living room.

Ocicats resemble ocelots, an endangered wild cat that ranges from southwestern Texas to Argentina. The Ocicat is the first purely domestic feline breed to resemble a wildcat. The first cat was actually developed by accident in 1964 when a breeder Virginia Daly crossed Siamese cat with the Abyssinian. The idea was to create Abyssinian-pointed Siamese. The first generation appeared Abyssinian, but the result of second generation were spotted kitten that were named as Ocicat after ocelots as they looked alike. The American Shorthair was added to the breeding line giving the breed silver-colored coat and a large, more muscular body. The result is a kitty that looks like it stepped out of the wild.

The most distinctive Ocicat trait is that spotted coat. It comes in a multitude of colors variants including tourney, chocolate cinnamon, blue, lavender, fawn, everything in six shades of silver. Thanks to the American Shorthair this is one robustly built kitty cat. They are big, boned, strong, it`s muscled body gives an impression of power and strength, and is greater in weight than expected by appearance. The Ocicat`s long sleek body completes the package of house cat gone wild.

This is a wonderful family pet, but they do demand plenty of attention. They are fairly healthy, but do have occasional teeth and gum problems therefore teeth brushing is recommended. It is a low shedding cat that requires only occasional brushing. Ocicat cats are friendly and sociable and are usually not shy around strangers. They are often referred to as a ‘dog in a cat’s body’ as they can be trained to fetch, sit & lie down commands and other dog-related tricks.

Generally this breed is very healthy except for some dental issues. Grooming is minimal and it’s not a heavy shedding cat. Ocicats are social, bound well to families and will do best in a lively household.

Characteristics Summary

Teeth Brushing Recommended

Self-grooming, doesn`t heavily shed

Less Fel d1 Production

Social, needs activity