Oriental Shorthair Cat Brief Introduction

The Oriental Shorthair cat is known as the rainbow cat. It comes in over 300 different color combinations and patterns. They’re very dog-like and they love people. They are highly intelligent and learn easily. They have a loud voice and they’re not afraid to use it. Extremely verbal, a lot of talking, a lot purring, that`s the Oriental cat. Orientals represent a diverse group of cats that have their foundation in the Siamese breed. And they are referenced as hypoallergenic cats.

Developed to explore all the possibilities of color and pattern, the Oriental Shorthair was created in nineteen fifties and sixties by breeding the Siamese cat with domestic shorthair cat, Russian Blue and Abyssinian. The long hair debuted in the 70’s by combining the Oriental Shorthair and Balinese.

Orientals are slim with long, slender, tube-like bodies that can be up to three feet long. But don’t be fooled these cats are very strong and athletic. Their narrow face is heart-shaped with strikingly large, gremlin-like ears. The really distinctive trait is their coat. With over 300 different patterns, color and coat length combinations to choose from, you are guaranteed your cat will always be unique and special.

Another unique feature is their hypoallergenic ability. Should you suffer from allergies while there is a cat around, you should be much better with this hypoallergenic breed. As it produces less Fel d1 protein, the main allergen that’s responsible for allergies to cats, you may encounter less or no allergic problems with this cat around.

Full of enthusiasm and energy, they’re highly curious and will try their best to be involved in your activities. They find anything and anytime. They are even able to open closed to get to their favorite toy.

An Excellent family pet, this cat will provide a lifetime of love, affection and conversation with the people they love. These are cats that really need companionship. They can get pretty cranky or pretty depressed if they are left to seclusion. Because Orientals have a large gene pool, they’re less likely to suffer from genetic problems. They have very few health issues. Oriental Shorthair is a self-cleaning cat that needs minimal brushing to shine the coat. On the other hand the Oriental Longhair breeds require weekly brushing. This breed is considered also very playful.

To sum up, each Oriental Shorthair cat is an individual, unique cat. In general it is very healthy breed. The shorthair version is self-cleaning while the longhair requires weekly grooming. They thrive on human companionship. Moreover they are fine with another household cat or dog and also love children. They’re just so much fun & bring so much joy and love. And do not forget their hypoallergenic ability.

Characteristics Summary

Very healthy breed


Low Fel d1 Protein Allergen Production

Affectionate, people loving animal