Russian Blue Cat Brief Introduction

The Russian Blue cats are just this exquisite looking cat. It’s a quiet, well-behaved stately cat that’s called a Russian Blue although they look more gray and blue. If you’re looking for a lean, elegant, smart cat, the Russian Blue is for you. They are the most intelligent breeds of cat. It is a gentle, clean and loyal little cat who sometimes wary of strangers, but once he knows you’re his trusted person which of course he will decide, there will be no going back in the relationship. Once they do let you in, you are the sun and the moon to Russian Blue. However Russian blues do not adapt well to changing home environments. It’s a cat that tends to do better in environment that’s pretty consistent.

Experts say this very old blue-blooded breed has existed for centuries. The Russian Blue as the name implies are originally from Russia. Their origin is like one-hundred-fifty miles from the Arctic Circle when you are gonna be pretty hardy to survive that kind of climate. Russian Blue didn’t get to America until the nineteen hundreds and really didn’t flourish until the 1960s. Today this cat is lovable, luxurious and favorite animal. It is very popular and very trendy but not super abundant.

When looking at this cat it has the beautiful steel gray color and also have a very dense coat with a plush feel and lack of constant shedding. This silver fur gives the cat a gleaming shine. Russian Blue cat has very bright, large, vivid, green eyes. It is considered as medium-sized cat.¬†But it’s the Russian Blue`s cobra-like face and smiling expression that have captivated owners for years. They truly look like they’re smiling, their face is just so precious.

Russian Blue`s coat needs some grooming attention. They do have a pretty thick undercoat so they need to be brushed at least once or twice a week.

In general Russian Blue cats are pretty healthy cats living long lives. They have a beautiful coat that requires weekly brushing. And they make good house pets for adults or families with older children.

Characteristics Summary

Long Healthy Lives

Important to Brush Weekly

Less Fel d1 Production

Great with Adults & Older Children