Siamese Cat Brief Introduction

Siamese cat is the oldest domestic feline. They’re also known as the most vocal housecat. They are amazing cats, they are very smart. They were bred as an aristocratic cat in Thailand, formerly known as Siam. In ancient times the Siamese cat was considered sacred, only Buddhist, monks and the royal family were allowed to have the cat. They also used to believe that when a member of the royal family died, the Siamese cat would receive this person’s soul. After that cat would be moved to the temple to spend it`s life in broad luxury. During the eighteen hundreds the royalty began giving the cats to visiting European dignitaries. The rest of the world became enchanted with this magnificent feline.

Siamese are incredibly long and skinny like a supermodel with incredibly beautiful shaped blue eyes that are the most striking characteristic of Siamese cats. Some Siamese cats are also cross-eyed. This is actually a defect so most breeders will select against this. Cross-eyed cats have poor depth perception and limited peripheral vision. In recent years two distinct lines of Siamese cats have been developed. The traditional one and the modern one. Modern Siamese cats have a long sleek body. Traditional Siamese have a rounded body and apple-shaped head. All Siamese cats are born white.

They have interesting coloration because they’re partially albino so when they’re born they`re white and then develop the coloration. Those points or coloring on their head, feet and tail distinguish this breed. Variations include seal point, blue point, chocolate point, lilac point, red point, tortie point and lynx point. Their coloring it’s beautiful. Siamese cats draws attention no matter where it goes. They all have their own special qualities.

In general this is a healthy breed. They actually can live around 14 to 20 years. The Siamese cat is short-haired so grooming is easy. They make great family pets but don’t expect a quiet house with a Siamese around. This breed is considered to be very loud, if you can`t stand a lot of meowing, you should not have this breed. Because they meow a lot, they have the tendency to wake people up in the morning when they want to be fed or just been yelling all the time when they want attention. So if you’re going to have this breed, you want to be very careful to actually train them. They are very good with families as they are so playful and can be really entertaining.

So generally the Siamese cat is healthy, easy to groom and does well with families provided you don’t mind constant meowing. This venerable breed combines beauty, charm and grace. They are special in their personality and character.

Characteristics Summary

Generally Healthy

Short-Haired, Easy to Groom

Less Fel d1 Production

Very Vocal, Good with Families