Sphynx Cat Brief Description

Sphynx cat is a very rare breed, probably most well-known for their hairless gene. At first glance you might think you’ve landed on another planet or arrived at a cat nudist colony when looking at this cat.¬†They kind of feel like warm, suede hot water bottle. Warm because their skin temperature is actually four degrees higher than most other breeds. And it’s the only breed that originated in Canada.

Compared to dogs and other domestic pets, this cat is a very recent breed. They were created by mother nature in 1966 from a domestic cat that gave birth to a hairless kitten in Toronto, Canada. It was discovered to be a natural mutation. The Sphynx cat was then bred to be the first hairless breed. The purpose of these selective breeding was to create a cat with a large gene pool and hybrid vigor.

Sphynx is known as hypoallergenic cat meaning it producing less allergen causing allergies. Those people who are allergic to cats should have little or no problems compared to regular non-hypoallergenic cats.

It is a substantial cat, medium-sized and strong. Although it appears to be hairless they actually have a layer of fuzz, all over their body. Its hairless skin gives you an idea of what most cat look like underneath all that fur. Sphynx come in a variety of colors and since they don’t have hair, it’s the pigment in the skin that demonstrates the color. They have very large wide-open ears, large and slightly slanted eyes and oval paws with long toes and thick pads. Hypoallergenic cat Sphynx are extremely inquisitive and love being the center of attention.

Due to the lack of hair there is nothing to absorb body oils so Sphynx cats need to be washed regularly. It has no significant health issues, but their high metabolism makes them want to eat all day. So if you leave any food out, this cat will gobble it up. These cats prefer the company of people, but they are also great with dogs and other cats. They strive for being the center of attention. Sphynx may not be for everyone, however they certainly are unique.

Characteristics Summary

Healthy Metabolism

Wash Twice a Week

Less Fel d1 Protein Production

Great with People and also other pets